Come see our seasonal exhibit!

Remembering the gas/service stations and the people who operated them! Some really neat artifacts, antiques and facts you might not know!  

Who Are We?

The curator asks the public’s assistance in identifying people, places and/or dates in scores of unlabeled pictures. Stop in, make yourself comfortable, and browse through the collection. A corner of the Museum with seating and baskets of photos awaits.

Artists’ Display in the Meeting Room

Throughout the summer, different local artists will be showing their work in the meeting room at the museum.

JuneTo be announced...
JulyDonna-Lee Pierce
AugustTo be announced...

Milbridge Hall of Fame

We urge you to contribute pictures and a write-up for the Milbridge Hall of Fame, a notebook about former Milbridge residents who have left their mark in the world. Tell us about the interesting people in your family!


Past Displays

The board of directors of the Milbridge Historical Society is committed to the concept of changing displays at the museum. Each season brings at least one new exhibit. This allows us to display more of the artifacts that we own, and also helps us to tell more facets of the story of Milbridge’s history. The two displays that are permanent, with ongoing enhancements, are about shipbuilding and the history of fishing, the two cornerstone industries of the town.

Over the past summers of the museum’s existence, we have had displays about:

  • One room school and the many schools of Milbridge

  • Children’s toys

  • An early kitchen

  • A general store, based on Strout’s Store on Main Street.

  • The office of Dr. Betteridge, a Milbridge doctor prior to 1960

  • The sardine Industry

  • An early Milbridge farm

  • Main Street 1898

The Nash Island Light House

US Coast Guard Photo

The current display at the museum examines Genevieve (Jenny) Purington Cirone (Click here to read the talk she gave to the group), whose father, John Purington, was keeper from 1916 to 1935, and grew up on Nash Island and later owned half of the island, as well as Big Nash Island. A facinating look into life on the island and Jenny's thriving sheep that still live on the island.


Ongoing Displays

Old Ways of Fishing

Always a mainstay of Milbridge, fishing has changed a great deal over the years, not only in what is caught but in how it is caught. See the old lobster traps, a model of a fish weir, and learn about the many sardine canneries that once lined the Maine coast.


From its earliest days, Milbridge’s claim to fame was as a shipbuilding center. From the mid-1800′s until just before World War I, the Sawyer family operated the largest shipyards in town. See some of the tools used in shipbuilding and see pictures of just a few of the 150 big ships that came from their yards. Included is an exhibit about the building of the Janet May in 1983. The 62 foot schooner was built in Milbridge from native materials by two local builders and launched on the Narraguagus River.