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  • New addition! CD of the Strout Family tree. The decendants of Christopher Strout, Sr. $20.00. Compiled by Kenneth Strout.

  • Note cards and postcards depicting scenes from Milbridge

  • Family tree charts – maternal, paternal, family tree

  • Wall maps – Lewis Lathrop, Milbridge 1794; Colby Atlas 1881; Milbridge with Business Directory

  • Balsam sachets and pillows

  • Milbridge T-shirts, sweatshirts, and ball caps

  • Glassware, Etched Milbridge mugs and flour sack towels hand-painted in Maine

  • Lighthouse wind chimes


Books Available from Milbridge Historical Society


Pond Island Heritage – The Families and History of a Maine Island, Abridged by Anne C. Nash

Reprinted with permission from the author, the history of this small island off the coast of Maine is chronicled, including its owners, visitors and activities through the years. “Pond Island…is not only a place, but a state of mind and a way of life that has persisted for more than 100 years. Present day sojourners have the same feelings about the island and its many qualities as did the ancestors who came before us.” Soft cover, 217 pages.

Drops of Spray from Southern Seas by Lucy Brown Reynolds.

This book was written in 1896 by a girl who grew up in Milbridge and went to sea with her father, who was the ship’s captain. There are fascinating details about living aboard ship, life in Milbridge during the 1870’s, and the places she visited while sailing. Republication of this book in soft cover by Tom Gillen.

Cemeteries of Milbridge by Diana Bartlett, Alice Beal and Beverly Pinkham.

This is a 2003, hardcover, publication by Penobscot Press. It lists over 50 cemeteries in Milbridge, giving names and dates of people buried there. There are maps and lot numbers for the larger cemeteries.

Caskets Sold by Samuel Wallace 1894-1906

This booklet is a reproduction of the store ledger of Samuel Wallace, who sold caskets in the town of Milbridge. It includes many interesting details.

History of Milbridge by Terry Hussey.

First edition published in 1993, second edition published in 2001. It gives a good overall picture of the town’s growth and development. Includes pictures, lists of town officers, and much more.

Making it Downeast

This booklet compiles talks given at the Milbridge Historical Society’s Tuesday night program series over the past years. We have chosen talks that pertain specifically to the unique economy and culture of this area. Including are the lobster, clam, sardine, and sea cucumber industries, lighthouse keeping, salt marsh farming, the base line, and much more.

Living and Working Downeast

Volume ll of talks given by our speakers. Topics consist of, life on the islands, shell fishing, mail delivery, and many more interesting tales about life in Downeast Maine “as it used to be”.

Three Years in the Civil War by: George Coffin

George Coffin, from Harrington, was 17 years old when he went off to Virginia to serve in some of the bloodiest fighting in the Civil War. He was enlisted in the 1 st Maine Heavy Artillery. This regiment last more men, whom were either killed in action or died from wounds received in battle, than any other regiment in the Union Army. In 1925 he wrote about his experiences for his grandchildren. The society reproduced his journal, just as he wrote it.

Ships of Milbridge 1845-1984 by: E. Philip Sawyer

Local historian and descendent from the town’s greatest shipbuilding family, Phil Sawyer, collected information about the ships of Milbridge and compiled it into this booklet. With permission from his family, we have reproduced his book, just as he wrote it.

Washington County Atlas

Hancock County Atlas


Mail to : Milbridge Historical Society, PO Box 194, Milbridge ME 04658 

Gift Shop Price List 2014

Milbridge Calendars
Pond Island Revisited$16.00$0.88$16.88Calendars - past years$2.00$0.11$2.11
Cemeteries of Milbridge$10.00$0.55$10.55
Drops of Spray$20.00$1.10$21.10
History of Milbridge$10.00$0.55$10.55
1881 Washington County Atlas$19.50$1.07$20.57Milbridge Mugs$10.00$0.55$10.55
1881 Hancock County Atlas$19.50$1.07$20.57
Civil War$6.00$0.33$6.33
Strout Family Tree*
Ships & Shipbuilding$6.00$0.33$6.33CD by Kenneth Strout$20.00$1.10$21.10
Making It Downeast$6.00$0.33$6.33
*descendents of Christopher Strout
Living & Working Downeast$6.00$0.33$6.33
Caskets Sold$6.00$0.33$6.33
Coloring Book$2.00$0.11$2.11
Book Marks
Imagining Maine$14.95$0.82$15.77Lighthouse$2.00$0.11$2.11
History of the Sardine Industry$20.00$1.10$21.10
The Pine Tree State & Little Rhody$20.00$1.10$21.10
Note cards & Postcards
Hooded Sweatshirts
Milbridge Scenes-Elaine Bigelow$3.00$0.17$3.17 Adult - S, M, L, XL$24.00$1.32$25.32
Blueberry Harvesting$3.80$0.21$4.01Adult - XXL$27.00$1.49$28.49
Mill Scene$3.00$0.17$3.17
Fine Arts Note Card CD$12.95$0.71$13.66 Adult - S, M, L, XL$20.00$1.10$21.10
Lg. Milbridge Post Cards$0.50$0.03$0.53Adult - XXL$23.00$1.27$24.27
Sm. Postcards$0.25$0.01$0.26Children's$10.00$0.55$10.55
Family Tree Charts
T Shirts
Our Family Tree$6.00$0.33$6.33 Adult - S, M, L, XL$12.00$0.66$12.66
Maternal Chart$6.00$0.33$6.33Adult - XXL$15.00$0.83$15.83
Paternal Chart$6.00$0.33$6.33Children's$5.00$0.28$5.28
Wall Maps
Milbridge 1794-Lewis Lathrop$6.00$0.33$6.33Ball Caps$12.00$0.66$12.66
Milbridge 1881-Colby Atlas$6.00$0.33$6.33
Milbridge, Cherryfield & Steuben$6.00$0.33$6.33
Misc. Items
Milbridge Business Directory$6.00$0.33$6.33Mini Buoy/Painted Quohog$2.00$0.11$2.11
Sailboat Chart$6.00$0.33$6.33
Misc. Items
Potholder,Civil War Patch $2.00$0.11$2.11
Hand Painted:Woodpecker$10.00$0.55$10.55
Candle Holder
Coaster set
$14.00$0.77$14.77Ship Memory Box$25.00$1.38$26.38
Glass Plate
$6.50$0.36$6.86Ship Mug$10.50$0.58$11.08
Salt/Pepper Set
$7.00$0.39$7.39Ship Trivet w/easel$12.00$0.66$12.66
Wine Glass
$4.50$0.25$4.75Museum Replica$5.00$0.28$5.28
Nash Island Light items as priced - Tax already included
Please add the following shipping and handling for the total order. Please note, if ordering 1 or more wall map or family tree chart, a mailing tube must also be purchased ($4.00 plus .20 tax – $4.20). Thank you.  
$20 or less$4.99
$20.01 to $35$6.99
$35.01 to $50$8.99
$50.01 to $65$10.99
$65.01 +$12.99